Long Island car crash involves fire department truck and a car

New York – Two vehicles were involved in a collision on Thursday, injuring three accident victims. Stony Brook fire department officials confirmed that the car accident involved the department chief’s SUV truck. The truck accident was still under investigation to determine the cause but there is no indication at this time that the fire chief was driving with emergency lights and sirens. Reports also indicate that the fire department vehicle was not on its way to an emergency call at the time of the SUV accident. A New York lawyer who specializes in accidents notes that emergency vehicles, such as police cars, fire trucks and ambulances, have the responsibility to drive with due caution for others on the road even when driving with lights and sirens to an emergency. Reckless driving, even when responding to an emergency call, may be considered negligent and the driver and department can be held liable.
All three people who were involved in the motor vehicle collision were transported to a Long Island, New York hospital for treatment of their wounds. The front seat passenger of the car was listed with serious injuries and was admitted to the hospital. The drivers of the two vehicles were also taken to an area trauma center but later released. The injured people may also require continued follow up and therapy for their wounds. See this article for more about this accident with injuries.

Illustrative photo credit: Jenny Starley [License]

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