Long Island New York Hospital Leaves Patient on Operating Table

Hospitals make mistakes. Errors and omissions can occur before, during, and after any given medical procedure, say New York’s personal injury attorneys. In fact, New York hospitals have a history of medical malpractice. Recall the $3 Million Meningitis Medical Malpractice in which Morrison & Wagner successfully proved a NY hospital’s failure to diagnose. Recently, New York State Health Department slammed Manhasset’s North Shore University Hospital for abandoning a 32-year old woman in the Operating Room. The patient waited endlessly for brain surgery. Due to a negligent error on the hospital’s behalf, the hospital’s scheduled neurosurgeon was out of town, and far from available. In addition, the hospital’s chief of Neurosurgery refused to perform the scheduled procedure in the other doctor’s stead. And so the patient waited at the last moment, until realizing that nobody was prepared to follow through with the important procedure. More info about the Long Island injury case here. Manhattan injury lawyers contend that the patient suffered due to the hospital malpractice. Top Personal Injury attorneys encourage medical malpractice and injury victims to pursue full compensation for pain and suffering.

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