Man dies in accident at New York amusement park

New York — A man who went on a roller coaster ride in an amusement park in New York died during a horrible accident. He was thrown from the amusement park ride and was pronounced dead from his injuries. The victim was a veteran of the U.S. Army and had returned from the Iraq war after suffering a serious injury from a roadside bomb. The man had both legs amputated due to the battle injury but was given prosthetic legs before visiting the amusement park. Officials were unclear if the man’s war injury was related to his fall from the roller coaster ride. Investigators were checking the safety and mechanical repair records of the ride. Reports noted that it was also not clear if the disabled man should have been permitted to go on the ride safely. Some public advocates warn that amusement parks are not always care-free and safe. Another amusement park death reported by the New York Post earlier this summer involved a young girl who fell from a Ferris wheel. Last month inflatable bounce houses injured 13 people in Long Island, New York. Safety experts say that children’s can appear safe but require strict precautions and inspections as well as proper maintenance. Negligent maintenance or improper safety rules can easily lead to disaster. Personal injury lawyers say that injuries and deaths related to negligent repair or not following of basic safety rules can lead to an injury lawsuit or even wrongful death lawsuit. Check out the latest details on the recent roller coaster accident here.

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