Man injured in New York City hit-and-run bicycle accident

New York — A bicyclist was injured in a hit-and-run car accident a few days ago on the streets of Manhattan. The injured bicycle victim was struck at an intersection in the Harlem neighborhood of the city. The man was left with a leg injury from the crash. The driver of the car only stopped briefly and got into a heated yelling match with the bicycle rider before fleeing the scene. Reports show that the woman driving the car apparently turned on red and blue emergency lights in her vehicle like those found in undercover police cars. This has investigators baffled since the license plate number and description of the car do not match any police or law enforcement vehicle that they are aware of. A top New York injury lawyer explained that the charges brought against a driver who leaves the scene of an accident with personal injuries can be more severe. Meanwhile, an unrelated bicycle accident left the victim dead when he was hit by a truck in a Queens parking lot. The truck accident apparently occurred when the truck driver was making a turn and didn’t see the bicyclist. The man’s accident injuries were so severe, including a head injury, that he died immediately according to records. Details about the hit-and-run bicycle accident can be found here.

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