Man killed and two more injured in car accident in Long Island, New York

Police report that one man was killed in a car accident on Veteran’s Highway this weekend in Suffolk County in Long Island, New York. The car was rear ended at a traffic light by a drunk driver. Two other victims in the car were also taken to the hospital suffering injuries in the car crash. Officials said the drunk driver fled the scene and was being charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol (DWI) as well as a hit and run. They explained that drunk drivers often run in fear of being arrested from causing an accident while drinking. Accident lawyers in New York note that another reason drunk drivers leave the scene of an accident is because they fear the possibility of a personal injury lawsuit. Car accidents can lead to many severe injuries, including broken bones or fractures, neck and back pain, traumatic brain injury and others. Police report that the man who was killed in this particular accident suffered head injuries and chest trauma. The drunk driver was found and is being held on multiple charges, including fleeing the scene of a motor vehicle accident where personal injuries occurred. Upon notification of the death of one of the victims the charges were compounded. Read up on details of this accident here.

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