Mass Transit Accident Victims Still Fighting NY

A personal injury can happen anywhere, on a train, bus, subway or ferry. Top NY injury attorneys know it. They have taken on the NY City Transit Authority and demanded fair compensation for bus and other transit injury victims. For example, injury lawyers won $1.9 Million in compensation for a NY pedestrian hit by a city bus. Similarly, six years after a Staten Island ferry crashed into a concrete pier, NY accident victims are fighting the City for compensation. All but six of 162 injury victims have settled their cases with the City of New York. The remaining victims are claiming injuries including long-term suffering, mental disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and back injury. Let’s see what the judge says. Recall that leading NY injury lawyers fought and won $1.3 Million for a Queens woman hit by a city van while crossing the street. The woman’s daughter was killed as a result of the negligent driver. If you or a loved one suffer a bus injury or any transit accident, get top NY injury lawyers on your side. They don’t charge any fee unless they win your case or settlement.

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