Medical research suggests traumatic brain injury is a chronic disease

Recent medical research on traumatic brain injury (TBI) describes the long term and permanent effects of this disease. Neurologists describe a traumatic brain injury as a form of brain damage caused by head injury. This condition can leave a person with concentration problems, difficulty remembering things and can even affect a person’s personality. A head injury usually results from a sudden trauma, such as a car crash, an assault or workers comp injury. Doctors explain that sometimes TBI’s are difficult to even diagnose. You can read last week’s post in this column about recent advances in the diagnosis of brain injuries. The recent research explains the need for long term follow up and treatment with a team of doctors after a traumatic brain injury. In fact, patients who suffer a TBI have a shorter life expectancy according to the literature. Until now insurance companies refused long term care to many of these patients. Often, a personal injury lawyer is needed to obtain insurance coverage and a settlement from the insurance company. Some New York law firms have expert lawyers who understand how to help patients who suffer from a traumatic brain injury. Check out details on the long term disease of traumatic brain injury in this Wall Street Journal article.

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