Medical researchers hope blood tests will help diagnose brain injury

Research continues on the use of blood tests to help diagnose a brain injury. Doctors have long known that it is difficult to diagnose traumatic brain injuries, especially in the emergency room. Even with modern advances, such as cat scans and MRI scans, a brain injury can easily be missed. Now researchers at Banyan Biomarkers are hopeful that a blood test may accurately detect markers in the blood that indicate a brain injury. Neurologists explain that this can be a very valuable tool in evaluating a patient who has suffered a head injury. A head injury can occur from many causes, including a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall injury, work accident or assault. Emergency room doctors in New York hospitals treat thousands of suspected brain injuries every year. They have expressed great interest in this new development and its benefits for their trauma patients. They point out that some patients mistakenly think a brain injury could not have occurred unless they lost consciousness. In fact, a brief period of confusion following a head injury can also indicate a traumatic brain injury. Anyone who suffers a head injury is encouraged to seek immediate care at an emergency room. If you or someone you know has suffered a head injury or brain injury you should also contact a personal injury lawyer who has experience with this type of injury. Up to date info on this medical breakthrough in brain injury research is available here.

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