Medicine not approved by FDA due to safety concerns

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has denied the application from a medication manufacturer for their diet medicine due to safety concerns. The FDA is responsible for approving drugs for sale in the U.S. based on safety studies that prove the drug won’t hurt a patient. Public health advocates say that this is important to protect the safety of consumers from dangerous medications and large corporations who rush to market a product before it is sufficiently tested. The hope is that this will prevent a defective product recall that has even been affecting drug companies recently. Johnson and Johnson, the parent company that makes Tylenol, Bendaryl and other recently recalled medications, has been inundated with manufacturing problems that have concerned the public and health officials alike. Many officials complain that the FDA is not even doing enough to monitor the currently approved medications on the market, let alone the new applications that are constantly filed. They feel that public safety must be the first priority but the FDA and drug manufacturers are under pressure from financial investors to approve medicines before they have been proven safe and effective. Some note that the FDA is pressured by political elements that bow to the pressure of pharmaceutical lobby groups. The health advocates warn that this can lead to serious illness and death; leading to negligence lawsuits and even wrongful death lawsuits. Find out more about the recent government denial of a diet drug due to safety concerns here.

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