More medication recalled :: Tylenol manufacturer claims this is precautionary

The makers of Tylenol, as well as several other popular over-the-counter medicines, has issued yet another recall. This is the continuation of the many product recalls issued by the Johnson and Johnson company due to health and / or quality concerns with their products. Health and industry experts wonder if there’s more to the ever growing recalls that have been conducted over the past several years. They say that the manufacturer has spent tremendous amounts of money due to these faulty product recalls but they just claim that the action is only precautionary. The most recent chapter in the saga is reminiscent of earlier medication recalls, as the company cited vague manufacturing deficiencies that may affect the product. Among the concerns is a musty smell that the company blames on a storage and shipping palate. Consumer advocates say that they are concerned about the potential side effects or health damage that may have been caused by the recalled products. However, the makers of the medications say that no one has been injured or has become ill due to the faulty medicines. Investigations may be necessary to find out more about the health hazards from these medications. Some warn that the company has been negligent by not issuing these recalls all at once during the beginning of their suspicions. They explain that some injured or sick patients may not even be aware that their injury was the fault of their medication. This could lead to wrongful death, says one injury lawyer. In the meantime, consumers who have any of the recalled products are encouraged to contact the company to arrange for free replacements of the product. At the same time, anyone who thinks they have suffered or become sick due to the recalled medications have the right to speak to a lawyer. You can read up on the most recent medication recalls from Johnson and Johnson here.

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