Motorcycle accident kills woman in Queens, New York

New York – A car crash involving a car and motorcycle left the female motorcycle driver dead. She was apparently hit by a car as she was crossing through an intersection. The crash victim was thrown from the bike and suffered a serious head injury. Ambulance and paramedic personnel raced to the scene and found the woman with a multiple injuries, including a traumatic brain injury (TBI). They attempted to treat her severe wounds and transported the victim to the closest hospital emergency room. Hospital officials say that the injury victim was treated for the injuries but died despite best medical efforts. Cause of death appears to be the TBI but further investigation was underway. Trauma specialists explain that a motorcycle accident can cause a variety of life threatening injuries besides a TBI, including spinal injury, internal bleeding, broken bones and arterial hemorrhaging. They say that helmets may prevent some head injuries but not in all circumstances. More serious bike accidents often involve a speeding driver, drunk driving and with reckless drivers. Police would need to examine the circumstances of this car versus motorcycle collision in order to determine who was at fault. See this article for more about this fatal New York bike crash.

Ilustrative photo by Werner Vermaak (originally posted to Flickr as Immobilized Patient) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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