Multiple injured victims from ambulance vs. car accident

New York — Police officials report that three accident victims were injured during a motor vehicle crash involving a Fire Department of New York ambulance and a car. The car crash occurred in Queens when the ambulance workers were responding to a serious call involving an unconscious person. The car and ambulance collided in an intersection and then the ambulance slammed through a fence and into the wall of a house. Investigators noted that the cause of the accident is still being determined. It is still unclear who had the right-of-way and if either of the drivers were driving recklessly or being negligent. The emergency medical personnel who were injured while working will likely be treated by a team of worker’s compensation doctors, according to an accident lawyer in New York City. The driver of the car was also injured and taken to the emergency room of a local hospital. In similar news, another emergency responder was injured at work in New York this past weekend. A firefighter was hit by a car while he was working at a fire scene according to reports. That fireman was taken to the hospital by ambulance for evaluation as well since he was thrown off the hood of the car and landed several feet away on the road. According to the latest reports, that crash victim was released from the hospital with unknown injuries. In both crashes, similar injuries can be expected, according to trauma doctors. These injuries can include a broken bone, spinal injury and head injury. A pedestrian accident is more likely to cause more serious injuries than a car accident involving all victims contained in their vehicles. However, accident specialists say that the ambulance accident involved a vehicle that is much larger than a car, the size of a heavy mid-sized truck. They explain that a truck accident can sometimes cause more severe injuries due to the size and forces involved. You can catch more up-to-date details about the ambulance accident here.

Photo by Pablo029 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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