Myths & Facts About NY Personal Injury Law

In a recent piece at NY Daily News, Michael Getnick, President of the NY Bar Association, raises a strong argument against the Obama administration’s proposed changes to and limitations on medical malpractice claims. As leading NY personal injury lawyers attest, Personal injury can adversely effect a person’s long-term life well-being, health, and ability to function. A mishap during the birth process can leave a a baby with long-term impairment, disability and brain damage. Rightful compensation necessitates careful assessment of factors such as previous medical history, scope of injury, calculated loss of income, and impact on quality of life on oneself and loved ones. For example, see this $4.5 Million settlement for a NY slip and fall, due to negligent maintenance. Top NY personal injury lawyers work on a win-win contingency basis. This means that the injury attorneys only get paid when they win an injured person’s case or settlement. That is, the judge agrees that an injured person is entitled to compensation for pain and suffering. Getnick dispels a few more myths about NY personal injury lawyers: 1) Judges are not forced to tolerate frivolous lawsuits raised by anyone. Instead, a judge can dismiss such a case, and sanction the injury lawyer. 2) The number of filings for NY personal injury cases are not shooting upward. In contrast, the total number of tort filings went down 30% over the past ten years. In summary, NY personal injury lawyers help protect the rights of injured people.

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