Negligent bus driver blamed for deadly motor vehicle accident

New York — The bus driver who caused the dangerous and deadly bus accident a few months ago was arrested and charged in the accident. The driver of the bus apparently did not have a valid driver’s license because his license was suspended when the bus accident occurred. The accident occurred in the Bronx, New York when a tractor-trailer truck hit the bus, causing it to roll over. The man driving the bus was charged by a grand jury for not having a driver’s license and also for reckless driving that caused the accident. Reports show that the number of accident victims who dies in the bus crash rose to 15 with an additional 15 passengers who were injured. One of the concerning points that came up during the investigation was that the bus driver was issued a commercial driver’s license to drive the bus even though his regular driver’s license was suspended. Apparently, the department of motor vehicles (DMV) was unable to correlate the man’s driving records with his application for the bus driving license because of a simple name change. Public transportation advocates are troubled by the fact that the New York State agency charged with the protection of motorists and pedestrians on the roads was unable to track this man’s records properly. They note that the man’s falsification of his name on his application should not have prevented them from declining his application, especially since his address and birth date were the same. An accident lawyer in New York City noted that this may also place the New York DMV in the position of a negligence lawsuit that led to personal injuries and wrongful deaths. You can find out more about the bus versus truck accident and the charges brought against the bus driver here.

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