Negligent cigarette disposal leads to New York fire

New York — A dangerous fire in a large New York City retail store was apparently started when someone negligently threw away a burning cigarette butt. Fire department investigators report that the cause of the fire was a lit cigarette that was thrown down into a crack in the sidewalk. The burning cigarette landed in the basement and started a large fire that caused injuries to several people before being extinguished. The hazardous condition caused by the pedestrian who threw away the cigarette is not uncommon according to some safety experts. They say that smokers often discard their cigarette butts without properly putting them out. This can easily lead to a building fire, brush fire or garbage fire and cause serious injury or even death. A personal injury lawyer in New York City notes that some of the negligent smokers who cause a fire and injury can be identified by the use of security cameras that are becoming increasingly common. These closed circuit television cameras may document the dangerous condition and help police and investigators. A burn victim may be able to identify the perpetrator and file a negligence personal injury lawsuit with this information. Read more about this recent fire caused by negligence here.

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