New York City crane collapses, injures man

New York – Investigators continue to look into the terrifying crane collapse that occurred in the middle of the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan’s downtown. Videos from the crane accident show that a crawler crane fell over and crashed across several city blocks. The heavy steel tower of the crane was apparently swinging a wrecking ball before it tipped over and crushed several cars beneath it. Rescue crews rushed to the accident scene and treated a man for crush injuries that he suffered after being trapped in his car. It is unclear as to what caused the equipment failure, with some pointing out that there was a light snow fall and winds that may have knocked it over. However, city officials were looking into whether or not construction safety protocols were followed and if any negligence was involved.

New York City has recently seen quite a few crane accidents, including another one involving the same crane company last year. That previous accident sent a heavy load of a metal air conditioning and heating unit crashing down into the side of the building. Ten injury victims were treated following that accident and an investigation opened into the cause. The mayor and city council have now started pushing for stronger penalties for construction companies that violate crane safety guidelines. Activists hope that this may prevent negligent maintenance and other violations that lead to accidents, injuries and death. You can find out more about this safety push here.

Illustrative Photo Credit: Jason Kuffer [License]

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