New York bridge inspections show several to be an accident in the making

New York — Safety inspections of several area bridges over busy highways, roads and waterways have shown dangerous problems and deterioration. Inspectors note that poor maintenance and repairs of the bridges have left them broken and falling apart. In fact, one studied bridge in Westchester, NY has lost large pieces of concrete that fell onto the road underneath it. Public advocates for roadway safety say that this may be due to negligent repair and can easily lead to a car accident or pedestrian accident. Some warn that if safety repairs are not made soon, an accident can lead to personal injury or even wrongful death. The neglect of these bridges may constitute negligence, especially now that safety inspections have documented their deficiencies. The state and local authorities can no longer claim ignorance if their negligent maintenance of the roads and bridges leads to an accident, injury or death. Check out a list of some of the dangerous bridges here.

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