New York car crash with SUV leaves several victims dead and more injured

New York — Police report an SUV truck was involved in a head-on collision this morning. The two vehicle car accident occurred when the driver of the SUV drove the wrong way on a thruway of upstate New York. The SUV was driven by a senior citizen and hit the other car, killing three accident victims in the car. The drivers of both vehicles were rushed to the emergency room of a nearby hospital. They have both suffered serious injuries from the SUV accident and are continuing to undergo treatment in the hospital. New York State police note that another head-on accident collision occurred this week as well. In that unrelated motor vehicle accident a motorcyclist from the Bronx hit a van head-on and was killed. The motorcycle accident left the one victim dead but also injured several passengers in the minivan. Officials report that the victims in the car were wearing seatbelts and that factor probably saved them from more serious trauma. Trauma specialists say that head-on collision accidents can be very serious, causing severe injuries and death. Drivers that cause this type of accident may be liable for the personal injuries they have caused according to an accident attorney. More details about the recent SUV accident are available here.

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