New York City apartment fire victims claim negligence

New York — The residents of an apartment building in the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan, New York have banned together to file a negligence lawsuit against the owners and real estate management companies in charge of their building. The apartment building caught fire after the residents say that the owners and management company were allegedly negligent in required safety maintenance. They contend that the building landlord and management agency should have repaired faulty wiring and other dangerous condition issues that led to the building catching on fire. One victim died, 33 fire victims were injured in the fire and several hundred were left without a home after the incident. A top New York City injury lawyer explained that negligent maintenance that leads to a deadly fire can leave the guilty parties open to large lawsuits, including for wrongful death, personal injury and post traumatic stress conditions. This may not just mean that the landlord has to fix obvious problems that are reported. In fact, some preventative maintenance is required when it comes to safety and health issues. Fire safety standards and codes do change and some older buildings need to be retrofitted and fixed if the landlord wants to comply with the most up-to-date safety recommendations and rules. Find out more about the gross negligence lawsuit in this apartment fire here.

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