New York City :: Delivery truck accident injures driver after it rolls over

A delivery truck rolled over during a motor vehicle accident with a small car in Manhattan, New York. Accident investigators reported that the driver of the truck was injured and taken to a local city hospital. The nature and extent of his injuries from the accident were unclear. The driver of the other car was not taken to the hospital from the scene. Trauma doctors warned that some injuries from a car accident don’t show themselves until hours or even days after the crash. They explain that ambulance personel often explain these possibilities while assessing a patient who refuses care or transport to an emergency room for evaluation. Injury lawyers in New York who specialize with car accidents clarified that when an accident victim refuses care at the scene of an accident or says that they don’t feel any pain have not given up any of their rights to treatment. In fact, when the patient signs a waiver form at the scene of the accident it only releases the ambulance crew from liability. On the other hand, the patient is free and encouraged to see their own doctors or even go to an emergency department if they do experience pain or injuries from the accident. A neurologist who specializes in neck and back pain or spinal cord injuries explained that some patients aren’t even sure if their pain or symptoms are related to the accident. He encourages all accident victims to see a doctor to discuss their symptoms and problems following an accident to find out. To read more on the truck accident in New York check out this site.

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