New York City driver caused deadly car accident when speeding

New York — A woman who was speeding along a Bronx highway crashed into a highway divider last week, killing 7 accident victims. The car accident occurred on a road that runs next to the Bronx Zoo and the car fell into the zoo grounds. Reports show that the same roadway has been the site of other serious car accident incidents and this has safety experts worried. Advocates say that a highway that has a history of accidents may need to be re-engineered or repaired in order to prevent further motor vehicle accidents. In fact, some accidents are due to negligent engineering or maintenance of the road. The car rolled off the highway and fell approximately 50 feet during the crash. Further investigation will be necessary to determine if the woman was driving recklessly and that is what caused the accident, or if the accident was due to a problem with the highway design. Human error can also be a cause in a situation like this, according to experts. Catch the updated reports on this deadly car accident here.

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