New York City elevator accident kills worker

New York — An elevator accident in Manhattan, New York a week ago left one worker dead and his family wondering why. The work injury occurred while the workman was trying to fix the broken elevator 10 stories high in the New York City building. The injury occurred when the man, only in his forties, apparently slipped in to the elevator shaft and plunged to his death. Worker’s comp investigators were looking in to specifics in the case, including whether or not the worker was issued the appropriate safety equipment for the hazardous condition within which he was working. Labor law advocates explain that many workers are not given proper safety equipment and instructions for their work or construction site. This is a recipe for injury and disaster. Injured workers often suffer needlessly because of negligence on the part of their employer. Some safety specialists say that an elevator injury should never happen if proper safety precautions are taken and routine repair maintenance is followed. However, in the case of negligent maintenance, the consequences can be disasterous. You can check out updated details on this New York elevator work accident here.

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