New York City man injured by elevator while at work

New York — An apartment building superintendent was seriously injured in an elevator accident according to investigators from the New York Police Department. The accident victim was injured while working according to reports. The work injury occurred when the man tried to retrieve keys that had fallen under the elevator car. Residents of the apartment building say that the worker was injured when the elevator car suddenly moved downward and hit him, crushing the victim. The trapped man was rescued by fire department teams from the Washington Heights neighborhood of the city and then treated by paramedics for his multiple injuries. Rescuers note that the man suffered a head injury and multiple cuts and bruises. He was taken to the trauma center and admitted for further evaluation and treatment of his work accident injuries. Doctors were evaluating the worker to see if he suffered a traumatic brain injury in addition to his other injuries. Safety advocates in the city say that this elevator injury is very reminiscent of a woman who was killed due to negligent maintenance in an elevator accident just last year. Recent reports show that the same elevator repair company has another personal injury lawsuit against it due to 2010 accident that caused the victim to end up permanently disabled in a wheelchair. Public advocates warn that more needs to be done to prevent these types of negligent maintenance accidents. Find out more about the recent elevator accident here.

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