New York City subway accident kills a woman

New York — A young woman was struck and killed in a New York City subway accident. Officials say the woman fell on to the subway tracks after she passed out. Some believed that the woman fainted due to the extreme heat. Transportation safety investigators reportedly took samples of blood from the train conductor to routinely look for alcohol or drugs that could have contributed to the train accident. An accident lawyer in New York explained that the woman’s death may have been prevented if proper safety precautions were in place. A wrongful death lawsuit may be filed if proper safety devices and precautions were not in place. For example, some public advocates have suggested that train platforms should have safety rails installed to prevent passengers from falling on to the tracks below. This would also prevent passengers from being hit and injured by objects protruding from the subway as it speeds passed. Investigators will have to further assess the specific circumstances that led to this woman’s death before determining if anything could have been done to prevent it. Some passengers and regular commuters complain that subway stations and platforms are extremely hot and not well ventilated. They say that better fans and even air conditioners should be installed to prevent the passengers from overheating and fainting, especially during the sweltering summer months. You can read more about this tragic subway accident here.

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