New York City subway accidents kill four victims in one day

New York — Officials report that four separate subway accident cases killed four victims on a single Saturday in January 2012. This has many citizen and transit advocates concerned. They feel these injuries and wrongful deaths highlight the dangerous condition posed by many subway stations and tracks throughout New York City. Each of these incidents involved different trains and stations, which some believe is a testament to the many hazardous conditions that exist in the city’s mass transit system. Advocates say that the Manhattan Transit Authority (MTA), that runs the system should install safety gates or fences at dangerous subway stations to prevent these injuries and deaths. A top New York injury lawyer explained that a subway train accident can include anything from a slip and fall, to being grazed by the side of a passing train and up to being hit by a train. Many subway accident injuries occur when the victim trips in a gap between the platform and the floor of the subway car. Other injury victims are hurt when train doors close prematurely and crush the passenger. Experts note that the types of injuries can vary greatly and can leave some victims permanently injured or even disabled. Some of these injured victims need the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer in order to help them obtain needed medical treatment, file an injury lawsuit or file for disability. Families of train accident victims who are killed may need the help of an attorney who specializes in wrongful death lawsuits. You can find out more about these recent train accident deaths here.

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