New York State Thruway bus accident injures several victims

New York — A bus accident this week sent several injured accident victims to the emergency room. The bus crash occurred on the New York State Thruway when the bus crashed in to the back of a tractor-trailer truck. The bus driver was trapped in the accident and was extricated by fire-rescue personnel. The driver was not the only person injured in an accident, as several bus passengers suffered injuries as well. Investigators say that the bus company involved in the accident had a satisfactory safety rating but there was no apparent cause of the rear-end accident. The weather was apparently not a factor and the mechanical condition of the bus was apparently intact prior to the accident. An accident attorney noted that the initial investigation findings point toward negligence on the part of the bus driver who was possibly not paying attention. The truck driver involved in the crash apparently reported that he had slowed down for another car that was entering the highway when the bus hit his truck. Public safety advocates explain that often times with a bus accident or truck accident, the negligence arises when the driver is tired or fatigued from too many hours on the road. State laws govern the required amount of rest time truck and bus drivers must get between driving shifts. However, a top personal injury lawyer in New York says that some drivers and some companies ignore these basic safety regulations, leading to serious accidents and injuries, sometimes even death. Check out this article for up-to-date information on this most recent bus accident.

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