New Yorkers Beware :: SUV Rollovers Still Kill Thousands in Car Accidents

According to the NY Times, vehicle rollovers cause over 10,000 motor vehicle wrongful deaths and personal injuries in the USA every year. Rollovers occur most frequently with SUVs and pickup trucks, due their high center of gravity and reduced stability, relative to cars. New Yorkers must watch out, say NY injury lawyers, since SUVs are popular vehicles in the snow-blown state. Although Electronic Stability Control (ESC) technology aims at making these vehicles less prone to rollovers, vehicle rollovers still account for three percent of vehicle collisions every year. And when a vehicle rolls over, major personal injury occurs. Rollovers caused a whopping one-third of all car accident deaths in the USA. New York NY Personal injury attorneys warn New Yorkers to be careful when buying new vehicles, and learn from America’s nationwide statistics. For example, this California hockey player suffered a severe spinal cord injury when his Jaguar SUV rolled over on the freeway. When shopping for your next vehicle, keep safety as a top priority. Avoid a personal injury or wrongful death. Carefully check a vehicle’s rollover safety rating and records.


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