One woman killed, another injured by SUV in Manhattan, New York

New York — A driver of an SUV truck backed up in to a parking spot and hit 2 pedestrians. The car accident, which occurred in Manhattan, New York, killed a 78-year-old woman and injured the first victim’s daughter. Witnesses say that the driver of the vehicle struck the pedestrians despite at least one person yelling for the man to stop. However, the man did not see the women walking and did not stop until after he hit them. Both women suffered severe injuries with the elderly mother being thrown in to the air and suffering a severe head injury. The mother was struck unconscious from a brain injury and was taken to a local New York City hospital’s emergency room. She died in the hospital due to the car accident injuries according to the doctors there. The second accident victim of the pedestrian accident was taken to the same hospital with various injuries, including broken ribs. Police say the driver of the SUV vehicle was arrested after being found to have been driving on a suspended license. Read more about this deadly accident here.

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