Pedestrian Injury :: Car Hits New York Man Crossing Street, Again

Manhattan is known as the, “City that Never Sleeps.” New York streets are filled with people walking and cars driving. But with all the action, comes accidents, say New York personal injury lawyers. This week, a Westchester man tried crossing a street while in a wheelchair. In broad daylight, an oncoming car hit him and sent him to the hospital for treatment. A New York motorcyclist was thrown from her bike when a drunk driver lost control. A teen on a skateboard was hit by a car. The list of car accidents continues. Top Injury lawyers have seen and won countless accidents involving New York folks crossing the street, cars running into intersections, trucks hitting motorcycles, and other types of car crashes. See the numbers. This New York City bus knocked down an elderly pedestrian who crossed a New York City street. Top Injury Attorneys helped the New York victim receive $1.9 Million in compensation for pain, suffering and damages. Our winning lawyers assist victims right away, clarifying the facts of a case, identifying possible negligence and pursuing compensation. Want to see proof? Check out Injury Attorney’s list of Injury cases and understand why people count on us.

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