Pedestrian struck and injured in Queens, New York accident

New York — A man was hit by a car and severely injured three days ago on a New York City street, while standing against a parked van. The accident victim was apparently leaning against the livery van when a car crashed into him. Reports show that the injured man is 53 years old and has been hospitalized for his accident injuries. A New York City personal injury law firm points out that several streets in Queens have a high rate of pedestrian accidents. The city’s Department of Transportation has apparently started to address some of these trouble spots in order to reduce the number of accidents, injuries and fatalities caused by road engineering issues. Some pedestrian and motorist advocates question why the city waits for people to be injured or killed before they correct dangerous engineering problems. They note that visibility issues and safety signs, for example, should be dealt with well in advance in order to prevent the hazardous condition. In one recent case, a pedestrian woman was walking near an intersection and was hit by a school bus that hit the curb after a car accident. Public safety advocates wonder if better road and sidewalk design or metal barriers near the intersection should have been installed to protect people walking in the high-traffic area. Read up here for more projects that the New York City Department of Transportation is working on to promote safety.

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