Pedestrian struck and killed in truck accident in Manhattan, New York

New York — An elderly woman was killed in a pedestrian accident on a Manhattan, New York street this past week. The accident victim was struck and killed by a tow truck that was turning as she tried to cross the street. Investigators say that the woman was crossing at an intersection at the time of the tow truck accident but that further details were pending. Investigations were continuing to find out if any negligence was involved that may have contributed to the accident. The woman suffered severe injuries, including a serious head injury, and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. The victim died in the hospital due to a brain injury. Experts say that pedestrians being hit by a car or truck often cause fatal injuries. However, other victims suffer permanent injuries and may need to go out on disability. Many of these victims who are injured in an accident need a top accident lawyer in order to help them obtain care for their injuries, manage their bills and insurance claims, and to file an injury lawsuit. Check out this article for more information in the fatal pedestrian accident.

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