Pharmacy implicated in causing dangerous meningitis outbreak

Public health officials say that a recent outbreak of fungal meningitis is linked to a contaminated pain medication injection from one pharmacy company. Investigators explain that over 200 victims have become sick from this dangerous batch of pain medicine, described as a steroid injection. At least 15 victims of the fungus-contaminated medicine have died as a result of the illness. Health workers are concerned that many more victims may have contracted the illness due to the faulty medication. Some reports show that as many as 14,000 patients were exposed to the tainted medicine. Public health advocates worry that negligence may have been at the root of this dangerous situation with some even wondering if this is a case of medical malpractice. State investigators are looking into the possibility that the company may not have maintained all necessary licensing as required by law. Doctors who specialize in pain management explain that this steroid injection is often used for lower back pain. They note that lumbar pain treated by this medication can be caused by a back injury due to anything from a car accident to slip and fall accident. However, sometimes neck and back pain develop without trauma. Doctors say that the current outbreak of deadly fungal meningitis is a serious concern for their patients and may point toward a more serious underlying danger for patients in the future. Pharmacies, doctors and hospitals are required to purchase their medicine from only reliable sources in order to avoid these types of hazardous situations or medical malpractice. Find out more about this pharmacy investigation here.

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