Pit bull dog attack leaves 2 teenage victims injured

New York — Two teens in New York State were attacked by a pit bull dog that was on the loose. The men were attacked by a dog as they walked down a street on a sunny Wednesday afternoon. The assault occurred unprovoked according to witnesses. The dog was not on a leash and was roaming freely when it attacked the boys. Reports show that there were 2 pit bull dogs that chased the victims but only one of the dogs actually bit them. The injury victims each suffered bite injuries and required emergency treatment in the hospital. After attacking the teens, the dog then charged at a police officer and tried assaulting him as well. The officer had to shoot and kill the attacking dog in order to protect himself from injury. Police investigators were unsure of who the dog’s owner was but are continuing the investigation. A New York personal injury lawyer warned that the dog owner can face serious criminal lawsuits and civil personal injury lawsuits if found negligent in properly securing the dogs. Pit bulls that attack can cause serious injuries, including lacerations, broken bones, internal injuries and even death. Most areas have leash laws for dogs in order to avoid this type of problem and allowing a dog to run free may be considered negligence. Pit bull dogs are often associated with a dangerous dog attack, as also seen in this dog attack that injured a young boy of only 9 years old. Rottweiler dogs are another breed of dogs that many say are dangerous and can attack. Experts say that dog owners must always obey leash laws and can consider safety and training courses like this dog class in Staten Island, New York in order to prevent assaults and injuries or deaths from their dogs.

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