Police in Brooklyn, New York hit bicyclist and then fled the scene

An NYPD officer and his partner were suspended without pay for causing a bicyclist injury and then fleeing the scene in a hit and run accident. The police officers were responding to an unrelated incident when the accident occurred in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. The officers apparently drove their cruiser the wrong way down a one-way street while responding with lights and sirens. Reports say the police went through a red light and struck the bicyclist victim, injuring him. A video camera shows the policemen moving the victim to the sidewalk and then leaving the scene. The police left the injured man without calling for an ambulance. They are charged with a hit and run accident in this police car accident. It is unclear if the victim has filed a personal injury lawsuit yet. Some New York personal injury attorneys have expertise with bicycle as well as police accidents. New York City police have been blamed for other recent accidents. In 2009 a police car accident in Manhattan, New York City hit several pedestrians when the cop lost control. A negligence lawsuit was filed in that case. You can read more about the recent hit and run police accident in this article.

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