Police officer killed at work on Long Island, New York highway

A horrible traffic accident killed a police officer while at work on the Long Island Expressway. The officer was conducting a traffic stop when a truck hit his car from behind. The rear end car accident by a flatbed truck pushed the the police officer’s car under a box truck. Fire rescue and ambulance personnel had to extricate the man before taking him to the emergency room at a local New York hospital. Nassau police say that the truck driver who caused the accident was arrested and was charged in the officer’s death. Road safety experts say that this car accident is not just a police officer dying or being injured on the job but also highlights the dangers of workers who get injured on New York highways and local roads every year. Some have expressed concern that drivers drive too fast and recklessly, which may constitute negligence. In fact, according to a personal injury lawyer, many worker’s comp lawsuits and wrongful death lawsuits stem from dangerous driving that cause work accidents. Officials urge drivers to obey all traffic laws and speed limit signs. They note that the law is harsher on drivers who commit offenses in construction zones and while emergency crews are working on the side of the road. This includes police, fire and EMS workers who are handling emergencies and routine business. You can find out more about the fallen police officer here.

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