Pregnant woman and husband killed in Brooklyn taxi accident

New York — A married couple were killed in a hit-and-run motor vehicle accident in Brooklyn, NY early this morning. The woman passenger was about 7 months pregnant and on her way with her husband to the hospital because she was apparently feeling complications with her pregnancy. They were taking a livery taxi cab ride to the hospital when another car crashed into the taxi that they were riding in. The woman was thrown from the car and suffered fatal injuries as a result of the car accident. Emergency room doctors delivered the woman’s baby son by emergency c-section. Hospital officials report that the newborn boy is currently still admitted in the hospital and is in serious condition. Unfortunately, the mother died at the hospital due to the accident injuries. Her husband was also rushed to a hospital in Brooklyn and died from his car crash injuries too. The driver of the taxi cab suffered an injury as well and was taken for treatment in another hospital according to emergency personnel. Police say that the driver of the other car ran from the scene and an arrest warrant has been issued. It is still unclear who was at fault for this deadly car wreck, as the taxi had a stop sign but the other vehicle did not. Bystanders note that it is suspicious that the driver of the other car ran from the scene and wonder if he was a drunk driver or speeding. Still, it is always possible that the cab driver rand the stop sign. The police investigation will continue for the driver of that second car as well as the owner of the vehicle. Accident investigators will also work to recreate the crash in order to determine who was at-fault. Police note that this was the second deadly car accident in two days in Brooklyn. The other car accident in Gravesend left three people dead, including the drivers of both cars that had wrecked. Another victim suffered a leg injury from that crash and was hospitalized according to reports.

Photo by Sterilgutassistentin (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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