Prevent A NY Pedestrian Injury: Remove Your iPod Headphones

Cities across the US are running ad campaigns and pursuing legal reform to help prevent pedestrian injuries such as car knock overs, car crashes, and train and bus hits. Top NY personal injury lawyer are pleased to see the cities, such as San Fransisco and Columbus, taking proactive approaches to prevent injury. In fact, Morrison & Wagner has won millions of dollars for NY bus accident victims, roller skate accidents, and car accident injuries. The recent safety campaigns aim to educate people on the dangerous condition created by listening to headsets while walking down the street, skating, biking, jogging, and of course, driving. New York is home to millions of pedestrians and outdoor walkers, throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens. While iPods may provide a feeling of relaxation, they compromise a person’s awareness of external dangers such as oncoming vehicles. So listen to top New York injury lawyers, take off those headphones when moving outside.

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