Prevent New York Car Accident Injury & Death :: Check Your Infant Car Seat

Top New York Personal injury lawyers help victims of all ages, including infants and seniors. For instance, see this $1,900,000 story about an elderly man person struck in a Transit Authority bus injury. According to New York State Police, “Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for children ages 3 to 6, and 8 to 14.” Hence, to prevent children’s accident injury in motor vehicles, on September 12-18, NYPD will run National Child Passenger Safety Week, a whole week dedicated to educating, inspecting and enforcing child car safety guidelines. Having spent over fifty years of combined experience helping injured car accident victims, New York Personal Injury Lawyers welcomes NYPD’s pro-active effort to reduce wrongful death and injury. Safer roads means safer New Yorkers. Pedestrian accidents and car crash injuries happen all the time. We see it every day. Check out this story of two pedestrians knocked over by public van in Queens, NY. Personal Injury attorneys fought and won $1.3 Million for victim compensation. We encourage all New York drivers to visit Safe NY today and find a local NY checking stations for car seats and child fastenings. Studies show that most car seats are not properly installed in vehicles, which compromises their effectiveness. Do your kids and yourself a favor, check your car seats.

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