Queens, New York :: Tractor-trailer causes motor vehicle accident with New York City bus and a minivan

A tractor-trailer plowed on to the sidewalk in a Queens, New York neighborhood. The truck hit a minivan and then rolled toward its right side. Accident investigators described the minivan as being partially cut in half by the truck. The minivan was then pushed in to a New York City transit bus. Police reported that the three vehicle accident took place on a busy New York City sidewalk, right in front of a grocery store. Officials said that six victims suffered injuries in the accident and five of them were taken by ambulance to the hospital. A local personal injury lawyer in New York City expressed concern regarding the safety of some of the delivery trucks on the roads. Trucks are often speeding and are sometimes driven by truck drivers who are not properly trained or are simply too tired to be driving. Injuries from a severe impact during a car accident can include broken bones, internal bleeding, head injury as well as neck and back injuries. These injuries can leave victims permanently disabled and with lifelong pain. In more severe accidents the victims are often killed. Officials report that in this case no charges have yet been filed against the drivers. They said that while none of the injuries appear to be life threatening, they are not yet sure about the full extent and permanency of the injuries. Officials are unsure when or if a lawsuit will be filed in this case. Find out more about this Queens truck accident here.

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