Railroad worker receives over $2.6 Million from New York court after workers comp injury

A man who suffered a workers comp injury while working on a railroad was awarded more than $2.6 Million by a jury in Manhattan, New York. His personal injury lawyer explained that the man suffered severe nerve damage and multiple other permanent injuries due to employer negligence. He was injured during an accident in which he received a shock of 7,500 volts of electricity. The lawsuit claimed that the railroad should have provided additional safeguards to protect employees. Unfortunately, it is too late for this man who is now permanently disabled from his job and unable to support his family. The New York City jury considered these facts in awarding him this sum. Workman’s compensation injuries often leave victims with partial or permanent disabilities and extreme difficulties supporting themselves. Labor advocates have called upon lawmakers and employers to improve the dangerous work conditions of many workers in New York and around the country. They note that the types of injuries suffered by workers can include nerve damage, neck injuries, back pain, amputated fingers or limbs and even head injury. If you or someone you know was injured due to someone else’s negligence you should contact a top injury attorney. Read more about this man’s successful fight back against his negligent employer here.

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