Researchers warn of dangers of e-cigarettes and cite them as possible dangerous products

A study published recently warns consumers of the possible dangers of a new technology being marketed to help smokers quit their smoking habit. The maker of e-cigarettes claims that their product can help people quit smoking and that their electronic version is safer. However, the study cites multiple concerns, including the idea that plastics in the electronic cigarette may emit dangerous chemicals and fumes in to the lungs of consumers. They warn that there have been insufficient safety studies on the product. In fact, they report that they are dangerous products because the plastic cartridges have been known to leak. A pulmonary specialist from New York City explained that plastics can give off cancer-causing fumes when heated by the electronic cigarette. New York personal injury lawyers explain that some manufacturers are in such a rush to produce and sell their products because they’re looking for profit. In the process, they leave safety standards on the side of the road, placing consumers at serious risk. If you or someone you know what injured or became ill due to a dangerous product you should speak to a trained attorney to discuss your rights. To catch more details on the e-cigarette study check out this health article.

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