School bus accident in New York injured 19 people

Police are investigating a school bus accident in Chestnut Ridge, New York. There were 19 people on the bus who were injured and taken to the hospital. Most of the injured were young children who were on their way home from a local New York day camp. Investigators say the bus driver lost control and hit some trees on the side of the road. Teams of ambulance and paramedic personnel flooded the scene to rescue the accident victims. Some motor vehicle accident experts warned that many heavy vehicles do not have sufficient safety equipment to protect during accidents. A personal injury lawyer from New York expressed concern because school buses do not usually have seat belts available. In fact, many bus accident injuries can be prevented if seat belts and other safety equipment were installed. Seat belts should always be used, if available, even in a bus. This recent article points out concerns regarding heavy vehicles lacking safety equipment during rollover accidents. If you or someone you know were injured in a bus accident or other type of motor vehicle accident, please speak to an experienced attorney to find out more about your rights. More information about this school bus accident can be found here.

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