School bus accident in Queens, New York

New York — A school bus accident in Jamaica, Queens injured several accident victims after a car crashed into the bus. Reports show that the car may have run through a red light, causing the bus crash. Police and ambulance crews treated at least six victims of the crash, including a pedestrian that was struck by the bus after the car hit it. Witnesses say the bus was pushed onto the curb, struck the pedestrian and then hit a wall. The car accident victims were taken to New York City hospitals in the area for treatment of their injuries. Investigators were brought to the scene of the motor vehicle accident to help determine the cause of the accident. They spoke with witnesses as well as the drivers of the car and bus to help determine if there was any negligence that caused the accident. Some residents voiced concerns regarding the safety of that intersection, noting that there have been other car accidents there as well. Safety and road engineers are normally tasked with determining if further warning signals are necessary to make the area safe. However, an accident lawyer in New York City explains that the city sometimes doesn’t take action until someone is seriously injured. Further investigation about the safety of the intersection and who was at-fault in the accident will be necessary to determine more details. Find out more details about this bus accident here.

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