School bus accident with SUV truck injures children

New York — A mini-school bus was hit by an SUV truck on Tuesday in a motor vehicle crash according to police. The car accident occurred in Nassau County, Long Island and caused injuries to several of the accident victims. Reports show that the truck rear-ended the school bus during the crash. Investigators were looking into the cause of the accident and to determine if the driver of the SUV or the bus driver were breaking any laws at the time. Public safety activists warn that bus accidents are a serious problem in New York and something needs to be done about it. In an unrelated car accident in Long Island, New York a man apparently caused a serious car crash when he drove under the influence of marijuana drugs last month. In that motor vehicle accident, four teenage victims died during the crash and the driver is facing serious criminal charges for their wrongful death cases. Driving under the influence of drugs brings similar charges as drunk driving in most regions according to a car accident lawyer in New York City. Some public safety advocates say that police don’t always test for drugs and alcohol after a car accident. Victims of a motor vehicle accident may need the guidance of an attorney to help them advocate for their rights. Criminal charges against a negligent driver or drunk driver may need to be followed by a civil lawsuit that advocates for the rights of the specific injured victim in the accident. A personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death lawsuit in civil court can help provide for the victim or victim’s family financially. On the other hand, a criminal case only puts the offending driver in jail, gets the at-fault driver’s license suspended or incurs court fines. If you or someone you know was injured in an accident you can find out more about your rights by contacting a top accident attorney. You can read more about the recent school bus accident and investigation here.

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