Shamu Killer Accident: A Double Standard for Dangerous Pets

Imagine a dangerous dog that without any provocation, brutally killed two humans. Would the State law allow the creature to continue to roam? Not in Florida, says David Horowitz. According to Florida law, an animal’s owner bears responsibility to put a dangerous pet to sleep once it exhibits aggressive, severely injurious behavior. But Shamu is apparently different, and not subject to the same laws of public safety. Sea World’s star recently killed a second trainer, showing its true colors as a, Killer Whale, rather than a pleasant performer. Despite the wrongful death, Sea World plans on continuing its Shamu Believe show and the dangerous condition it creates. Personal injury and public advocates point out the apparent determination of Sea World to keep its star attraction and profiteer. Shamu brings in millions of visitors year, each paying as much as $80. We would like to think this is the last wrongful death that will occur at Sea World. But it most probably is not.

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