Shoppers injured on Black Friday

New York — Shoppers across the country, from New York to California, were injured during the Black Friday mad rush. Two women were injured in a popular discount retail store in New York during a fight, while 20 shoppers were injured in a store in California. Reports show that the injuries ranged in severity. Many public safety advocates warn that the dangers caused by Black Friday sales are increasing and should be taken seriously. Some note that the large stores who create the dangerous condition are doing so recklessly. A top New York personal injury lawyer explained that a Black Friday injury may be due to negligence on the part of the owners and management of stores that do not properly prepare ahead of time. This may include the need for extra security staff, longer hours, and better planning of the layout of a store. Negligent actions on the part of the store can easily lead to a serious injuries and even a personal injury lawsuit from the victim. Store owners can no longer claim that the sudden onslaught of customers and the subsequent injuries were a surprise because this is an annual occurrence on Black Friday. A person being injured in a store on this day should be anticipated and prevented, say many consumer advocates. In fact, several wrongful death cases have been attributed to the dangerous frenzy created by these sales. Only several years ago a New York worker was killed when he was crushed by a stampede of customers. Find out more about the injured shoppers here.

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