Street Cameras Meant for Personal Injury Prevention May Actually Increase Car Accidents

Florida drivers are slamming their brakes at some West Palm Beach intersections now that City officials posted cameras on the traffic lights. The new cameras are stirring a controversy regarding personal injury prevention and injury promotion. Critics contend that the cameras are leading more drivers to stop abruptly, upon noticing the cameras, and then causing rear-end accidents. Data confirms this trend. According to New York personal injury lawyers, defendants of the cameras may argue the flip side, namely: A) Even if cameras do increase rear-end accidents for those slamming on brakes at the intersections, the cameras are preventing drivers from running Red lights. This type of New York car accident is associated with higher fatalities and greater personal injury. So in a sense, the cameras are preventing a more severe form of personal injury or car accident deaths. B) Even if drivers are slamming their brakes now, routine drivers will eventually learn to approach the intersections with greater caution, at slower speeds. This is the Learning Curve argument. Let’s see what Florida officials decide on the matter. Take a comprehensive look at the story here.

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