Subway train accident in New York City

New York — Commuter safety advocates question the safety precautions in place for subway riders in New York. The Manhattan Transit Authority (MTA) reports that a man was killed by a subway train in an apparent assault yesterday. Reports indicate that the man was not just a simple accident victim when he was pushed onto the train tracks by an unknown male attacker. Police are still searching for the man who attacked and pushed the victim, who hailed from Queens. However, citizen activists are also searching for answers about the lack of safety in the subway stations. Some have asked if the city’s transit agency has done enough to protect riders from the hazardous condition created by having wide open platforms with steep drops onto the dangerous train tracks. Suggestions have been made that the MTA should have long ago installed safety fences and gates at the edges of the platform to prevent people from slip and fall injury or wrongful death. They point out that even though it is uncommon to be pushed onto the train tracks, it is all too common for people to slip and fall into the pit below. Emergency personnel explain that the fall victims are exposed to many different types of injuries during an accident like this. They range from broken bones or neck and back injuries from the fall itself, to electrocution and burns from the electrified rails below. Then, there is the obvious concern of getting hit by the train, as occurred in this case. Trauma specialists say that injuries occurring from getting struck by the train often include a brain injury, crush injury, amputation and death. A New York law firm specializing in personal injury and wrongful death cases said that it will now become necessary for investigators and specialists to find the man who attacked the victim but also to take action to prevent more injuries and deaths in the future. For more details and pictures of the suspected attacker in this subway accident, check out this article.

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