Subway train accident injures man in New York City

New York — An 18-year-old man suffered severe injuries when he was hit by a subway train in the Union Square station of Manhattan, New York. Officials say the man may have tripped before falling and being struck during the accident. The injured young man was rushed by ambulance to Bellevue Hospital’s emergency room for treatment. Emergency personnel reported that the man was in severe condition and had been thrown unconscious during the accident. The full extent of his injuries are still being determined. Trauma specialists explain that injuries from a train accident like this can include head injury and traumatic brain injury, internal organ damage, fracture, and nerve injury. Transportation safety experts are investigating this accident with some saying that there are design flaws at the station that may have caused this injury. Public advocates say that it is necessary to design and build subway stations with citizen safety as the top priority. This may mean that the platforms need to be wider or additional warning signs should be installed to protect commuters from injury or death. A personal injury lawyer in New York points out that subway train platforms should have safety railings installed to prevent someone from falling or even jumping in front of a train or on to the tracks below. You can read more about this subway accident and injury here.

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