Subway train accident kills New York teen

New York — Officials with the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) of New York report that a teenage boy was struck and killed in a subway accident this past week. The young man was apparently trying to cross over the train tracks in a Manhattan subway station when he was fatally injured by the train. Bystanders declare that the Upper West Side station where the injury occurred does not have any safety barriers or fences next to the rails, much like most other train stations in the system. Community activists have long called for improved safety standards in New York City’s subway stations to prevent the constant accidents. They say that officials should install safety fences to prevent civilians from accidentally falling or being pushed into the path of oncoming trains. The dangers in and around the subway platforms are well-known to transit officials but little has been done to protect unsuspecting commuters and tourists. The city has faced a long list of injuries and deaths over the past few years due to train accidents as well as slip-and-fall injuries in train stations. A few assault victims were pushed onto the tracks below and some have filed negligence lawsuits against the city because of it. They contend that the city is obligated to take significant steps to warn people of the dangers as well as put up protective gates to prevent victims from falling onto the dangerous train rails below. For more information about the Long Island teenager who was killed by the train last week, check out this article.

Photo by Adam J. Sporka at en.wikipedia (Transferred from en.wikipedia) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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